We at Challenged Champions and Heros along with IChange Nations;

have established a worldwide campaign to bring good back to the world. ICN the world’s largest honor network establishing cultures of honor, has set the bar for honor around the world.

This pledge signifies your desire to be a part of this global campaign and world changing community.


As a CCH/ICN organization member I do earnestly pledge to:


  • Live the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way I want to be treated”, with all the handicapped/Challenged Champions of the world.

  • Take responsibility by showing love and kindness in my speech and actions toward the handicap/Challenged Champions of the world.

  • Take responsibility by committing to honor the handicap, recognizing that every human being was created for a contribution to the world.

  • I pledge to help to “redefine” the word handicap to “Challenged Champions” because I believe Challenged Champions are not handicap, but differently abled.  


Please download, sign and email your pledge TODAY!

All pledges received will receive a free CCH Wristband