About Us

The People Behind Challenged Champions and Heros

Robin Lococo
President & Founder


Being a Challenged Champion herself Robin; born 2lb. 9oz understands what it like to be treated differently because of physical disabilities but, that has never stopped her in achiving her dreams.

Robin now facilitates and administrates education models in over 80 countries. She is the general overseer of a ministry accreditation program that equips ministries with accreditations, ordinations and endorses schools all over the world. Robin earned all three of her ministry degrees later in life and after many times being discouraged and told because of her height that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish great things. As a Professor, Robin has created education programs for people all over the world. She has also created different programs to work in different countries with multiple languages. She has traveled all over the United States, as well as internationally to Uganda, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Dubai. 


“To those who said I couldn’t do it: Watch me now. I’m Changing Nations!"

Penny Heflebower
 Vice President of Communications and Development

Penny's passion is to bring honor to those who have physical & mental disabilities and to recognize & honor the caregivers. The challenges and experience of growing up with a sister that had brain damage due to excess radiation opened the door to Penny’s passion of wanting to help those who can’t help themselves, love those who are hurting, and bring them honor. Penny has had the opportunity of working as a Paraeducator with High School Special Education Students ages 18-21 for almost 19 years, where her main focus was to train them on how to survive in the Real World after they graduated, or not. 


In 1999, Penny and her husband founded the Victor Valley Rescue Mission, which is a Christian-based program that has several homes for men who want to get clean and sober, and who will commit to a 90-day transition program.


"I believe that when God changes the heart, the person will be transformed."