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Challenged Champions and Heroes LOGO

Challenged Champions and Heroes is an organization that brings honor and recognition to the physically and mentally challenged individuals in the world and their caregivers the “Heroes” those individuals who spend countless hours caring for and loving others despite what may be going on in their own lives. 


Working in conjunction with (ICN) I Change Nations, founded by Dr. Clyde Rivers and the (IPI) Inter-faith Peace Initiative, a Global Peace initiative, founded by Mussie Hailu and based in Ethiopia Africa. Which uses the Golden Rule;” Treat others the way you would like to be treated” around the globe. iChange Nations is currently in 120 nations. Challenged Champions and Heroes was founded in 2015 by Dr. Robin A. Lococo.


We believe every life is valuable and created for a purpose in life. Every life has a destiny and purpose to fulfill. We believe in bringing honor and recognition to these extraordinary people it will also awaken the gifts and greatness within them. Many people in life do not recognize their own value. We want to change this!


Many times the physically and mentally challenged individuals are overlooked in society and perceived as a burden. We believe that this is not so. These individual’s abilities are as vast as their disabilities may be. 


Each Challenged Champion contains something special within them to enrich other lives and should be treated with dignity and respect. We strive to recognize and highlight each and every individual’s abilities through our honor system and show how every life directly affects the lives of others. When one person dies without tapping into what they were created for the whole world suffers.


Our education systems will also bring awareness to others. Many people fear what they do not understand. We will bridge the gap of ignorance, fear, and not understanding what is seen on the outside, to a realistic viewpoint of God’s creation, destiny, love, and purpose.


We believe his philosophy of honor and respect in itself, multiplies and promotes change.


Challenged Champion's and Heroes' vision is to also re-define the word disabled to “Challenged Champions” around the world. Challenged Champions are not disabled but differently-abled.


Won’t you join us in our quest to transform and “change the world” by honorary and recognizing these extraordinary individuals!


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