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Special Needs Civility Dialogue

Special Needs Edition of "When Histories Collide" By Dr. Clyde Rivers



A New Platform of Dialogue for the "Differently Abled"

Embracing the Human Condition-What does that mean?

We all have experiences in life. Your experience are yours, and mine are mine. Just because they are different doesn't mean they are wrong. These dialogue 

sessions set the table to open your hearts, minds, and ears to a new perspective. With positive self-growth that happens in the process. Join us at the table of dialogue today! For more information email:

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Dr. Lococo delves deep into the roots of conflicts, stressing the imperative need to dismantle cultural, linguistic, and educational barriers. Language emerges as a pivotal tool, prompting a call for effective communication to foster understanding and empathy among individuals.

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Real Life Education Through Real Life Stories
Is a personal one on one online Zoom program that highlights individuals gifts and talents despite their challenges in life. We believe knowledge is power, and the more people see and understand the plight of others with special needs, the better the world will be. 
If you would like to tell you story please email me.

Real Life Education Through Real Life Stories

We also looking for caregivers, siblings, teachers, nurses, anyone that works closely with the special needs community. This platform is for you, it gives you a voice to tell the world about your experiences, an opportunity to educate, bring awareness, advocate, and promote your business. 


New shows are uploaded every month on the 1st Wednesday.
on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 
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