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The Face of Civility books are a series of collaboration books by change-makers around the globe. The books are part of The Golden Rule Civility Initiative co-created by Canadian Dr. Lew Bayer, and American, Dr. Clyde Rivers."There are over seven billion people in the world and they have to communicate effectively daily to move society forward in a positive way," states Dr. Clyde Rivers, "experiencing the chaos we see every day from our media outlets and the social media machinery, is wearing away our character and we need to find our way back to positive people-treatment and honor".Dr. Rivers and his team have collaborated with Dr. Lew Bayer, CEO Civility Experts Worldwide and her team - recognized around the world as the leading experts on civility, to create a solution for interrupting the incivility and shifting uncivil discourse going on in our societies. "The time for talking about solutions and thinking about how we should be kinder and more civil is passed, it's time for leadership, it's time for change, and we need to act, states Lew, "the contributors to the Face of Civility books are action-takers, change-makers…social architects who are making the world a better place". All around the world, there is evidence that we are experiencing a crisis of conscience, of character, and of civility. In response to high demand from community leaders and grassroots civility and change organizations all over the world, who are engaging in conversations about civility, Propriety Publishing, a niche publishing company with a focus on promoting and publishing books on civility and social competence-related topics, is pleased to announce the release of THE FACE OF CIVILITY - the book is a compilation book where a collective of experts in their fields share their stories of civility. Contributions from: Dr. Lewena Bayer, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Dr. Robin Lococo, Dr. Ona C. Miller , Dr. Linda Lara , Jacqueline Moore, Ginger Pugliese, Safia Lul Abdiwahid, TC Cooper, Dr. Michael Pitzl , Dr. Richmond Annan, Dr. Ruben West, Jessica LoRusso, and Malinda Skogan.

The Face of Civility Seeing through the Eyes of Civility

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